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1,001 Novels Mapped

I’m taking the week off to do a bunch of fun things with my kids. While I’m away the most popular posts of the year so far will reappear.

1,001 Novels: A Library of America is an ESRI story map developed by Susan Straight. The story map features short reviews of 1,000 American novels. Each novel is geolocated on a map of the United States. The story map is divided into geographic regions. You can also view the entire map at once

Susan is an author and a Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing at UC Riverside. Before you jump to the map I encourage you to read her introduction to the story map. She tells a lovely story about her inspiration for the story map. 

Applications for Education
Just last night while walking our dogs I was thinking that I need to find a new book to read (last week I finished reading The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz). As someone who loves geography, coming across this story map via the Maps Mania blog is exactly what I needed. I’m sure that you and or your students could also use it to find your next summer reading book.

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