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Advanced Google Forms Features for Teachers

Like I do at this time every year, in the last few weeks I’ve fielded a bunch of questions from readers who are moving into new jobs at schools that use Google Workspace for Education. And while I have a lot of Google Workspace tutorials available on my YouTube channel, I think it’s time that I update many of them. That’s why this week and over the next few weeks I’ll be publishing some new Google Workspace for Edu tutorials. This week has been all about Google Forms. 

To wrap-up this week’s series about Google Forms I have a tutorial video highlighting my two favorite advanced Google Forms features for teachers. In the tutorial video that is embedded below you’ll learn how to use data validation in Google Forms and you’ll learn how to use a feature called “go to section based on answer.” 

As you’ll see in the video embedded below, using data validation in Google Forms is a good way to compel your students to write complete sentence responses to your questions. In the video you’ll also see how you can use the “go to section based on answer” feature to create differentiated assignments in Google Forms. 

Video – Two Advanced Features of Google Forms You Should Know How to Use

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