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Fact Check Explorer Expands to Image Checking

Around this time last year Google launched Fact Check Explorer. Fact Check Explorer is a tool that anyone can use to check the accuracy and origins of claims made in online articles. As I wrote last year, Fact Check Explorer isn’t an infallible tool. That said, it can be a good tool to use to help students get a better understanding of the context around claims that they may have heard from other people and or read on the Internet.  

Last week Google announced that Fact Check Explorer will soon be expanding to include fact checking of images. This will enable users to upload an image or enter the URL of an image to discover where it was first used, the context that it was first used in, and where it has been used since it was first indexed by Google. 

The expansion of Fact Check Explorer is a beta feature. You can sign-up for the beta here

Video – Fact Check Tools from Google

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