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How to Magically Make a Presentation in Minutes

There are some people who love and enjoy the process of making slideshow presentations. Then there are people like me who enjoy presenting, but don’t necessarily enjoy making the slides. For folks who identify with me on that front, Canva’s Docs to Decks tool is for you!

Docs to Decks is Canva’s AI-powered tool for making presentations in minutes. To use it you simply type an outline or copy and paste a written document into the tool. Once you’ve done that you just need to click “convert” and a presentation is made for you. In fact, a half-dozen presentations are made for you. Pick the one you like and you’re ready to go. Of course, if you want to tweak the design that Canva provides for you, you can do that. Watch my short video that is embedded below to see how I quickly created a presentation about the things I’m looking forward to at the ISTE Live conference in Philadelphia. 

Video – How to Magically Make a Presentation in Minutes

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