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How to Use AI to Create Formative Assessments

A day ago I published a big list of AI tools and resources for teachers. This morning I tried another AI tool that is worth noting. That tool is the new AI-powered assessment generator that is now built into Formative

Formative’s new AI-powered assessment generator is currently a beta product that anyone with an active Formative account (free or paid) can use. To use it you do need to opt into “early release” features in your Formative account settings. 

With the AI option enabled in Formative you can create an assessment by simply writing a topic prompt like “landmarks of the United States.” The AI tool will then create a set of questions based on your prompt. You can edit any of the questions that Formative’s AI tool generates for you. You can also delete questions and re-order questions. Additionally, you can add your own manually written questions to an assessment generated by Formative’s AI. 

Watch my short video that is embedded below to see how Formative’s new AI-powered assessment generator works. 

Formative is an online assessment platform that I’ve been using for at least the last half-dozen years. Two of my favorite features of Formative are demonstrated in the video in this post from 2022.

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