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Need LEGO Ideas? Take a Look at This!

Making things with LEGOs is one of my favorite indoor activities to do with my daughters. We’ve spent many rainy days building all kinds of things LEGOs. Often we follow the directions from a guidebook and sometimes we just make our own things. Every once in a while they ask for another LEGO guidebook. 

I’m been happy to buy my daughters LEGO guidebooks even if they aren’t always patient as they wait for the Amazon delivery of those books. I recently, through Open Culture, learned of a remedy to that problem. Recently, I learned that the Internet Archive hosts more than 6,800 LEGO guidebooks

In the Internet Archive’s collection of LEGO instruction books you’ll find directions for building everything from a birdhouse to an airplane to a tiger and much, much more.  The directions can be viewed online and or downloaded as colorful PDFs to print. The PDF of directions for building a tiger was an exact copy of what I would have found had I purchased the LEGO kit for building a tiger

Applications for Education

If you have a big box of LEGOs in your classroom, bookmark this collection of LEGO instructions and perhaps print a few to place in that box.

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