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Notes from a Micro:bit Workshop

Today, I attended a workshop hosted by Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez. It was a great workshop about using Micro:bit. Gary gave some introductory directions and then we had some challenge activities to try to complete in small groups. I worked with Sheila from Virginia Beach and Scott from California (sorry Scott, I can’t remember which city you’re from). We had fun completing a challenge in which we programmed our Micro:bits to pass messages. 

I didn’t take a lot of notes during the workshop. Those that I did take are a little incomplete. That said, I think I captured some of the highlights. The slides that are embedded below contain those notes, links to additional resources, and a video about what Micro:bit is. 

Notes from Constructing Modern Knowledge Micro:bit workshop with Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez – Presentation by richardbyrne

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